Lady using the Doctor's App on her phone in a surgery

Doctor’s App

Plan your day, action results, view appointments, clinical histories and recalls.

The Doctor’s App

The ultimate companion for Zedmed users

Enjoy the rich functionality of the Zedmed desktop application, and the convenience of the Doctor’s App. Plan your day, action results, and view appointments, clinical histories and recalls. Ensure your patient data and privacy is protected through multiple layers of authentication.

Doctor's App user interface with client details on mobile phone

Your branded app is available for Apple and Android devices

How To Install The Doctor’s App

The Doctor’s App requires an active Zedmed license and installation of Version 30.2 and above.

To authorise The Doctor’s App follow the instructions below:

  • Call Zedmed on 1300 933 000 and we’ll install a security management tool on your server alongside your Zedmed installation.
  • Link your phone to your practice through a QR code. The app will then confirm your identity and permissions within the practice using your Zedmed login and password.
  • We confirm that information is sent to the correct device through an SMS authorisation.
  • Once authorisation is complete, you can use either your Zedmed credentials or a pin number generated through the app to easily login to the Doctor’s App.

For more instructions on how to set up the doctors app visit the knowledge base.

Setting up your Doctor’s App

How to set up the Doctor’s App

Desktop Setup

Functional Overview