Zedmed On-Premise | Practice Management Software

Computer with Zedmed logo on screen and multiple server racks in background

Zedmed On-premise

  • Seamless migration from most other platforms

  • Manage your updates and infrastructure your way

  • No extra hosting costs

  • Localised security & data protection

The Zedmed On-Premise difference


  • All of your data and hardware is installed on your local drive
  • No need to rely on cloud technology
  • Per-user subscription model
  • All the same features as Zedmed Cloud
  • Enhanced security and data protection
  • Integrates with a variety of other platforms.


  • Zedmed is managed by the practice
  • Zedmed operates from within the practice’s network
  • Updates are performed by you
  • IT is paid for by the practice
  • You set up your infrastructure your way
  • You are in control of your local, physical server

Zedmed On-Premise brings you the rich functionality and performance of the application, on your local hardware right in your practice. Zedmed On-Premise is the traditional installation method of most software packages. With no extra hosting costs, you manage it your way.

Zedmed your way

Enjoy the same incredible feature packed software and the same amazing service delivered On-Premise or via the Cloud.