Zedmed Integrates with HealthShare and SR Specialists & Referrals

We are excited to announce a new development at Zedmed that reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for healthcare professionals. As an innovator in the practice management software space, Zedmed is proud to announce its integration with HealthShare and SR Specialists & Referrals, making it easier than ever to send e-referrals from within the Zedmed software. 

What does this mean for zedmed users?

Zedmed clinicians can now easily access and use HealthShare in our Clinical Address Book to refer patients to specialists with ease and efficiency. This integration not only streamlines the referral process but also enhances collaboration and communication between healthcare providers, fostering a comprehensive approach to patient care. 

Who is HealthShare

HealthShare are Australia’s most used Specialist Referrals Directory. It is the most complete nationwide directory of AHPRA registered and verified Medical Specialists. Their directory highlights practice locations, specialties, sub-specialties, special interest areas, languages spoken, and key services such as telehealth. 

Who are SR Specialists & Referrals

SR Specialists & Referrals is a proven electronic referral service available for Australian Doctors and Specialists brought to you by Cervin Media working with HealthLink. 

SR Specialists & Referrals integrates the Medical Specialists Directory with GP software, so GPs can search, select and refer electronically to all specialists in the directory.  

Why are these partnerships a game-changer? 

Our integration with HealthShare and SR Specialists & Referrals  empowers clinicians to leverage the Directories for referrals, thus eliminating the traditional complexities associated with the traditional paper referral process. This ensures that patient care remains at the forefront, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional care to their patients. 

With these integrations Zedmed users will be able to: 

  • Easily access a wider network of healthcare providers. 
  • Send and receive e-referrals for free. 
  • Use familiar HealthLink SmartForms. 
  • Bookmark usual specialists. 

In an era where innovation is paramount, Zedmed  is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the daily operations of healthcare professionals. The integration with HealthShare and SR Specialists & Referrals demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing clinicians with tools that facilitate superior patient care. 


HealthShare Website: https://www.healthsharedigital.com/solutions/referrals/ 

SR Specialists and Referrals website: https://cervinmedia.com.au/specialists-referral/ 

Zedmed Integrations: https://www.zedmed.com.au/integrations/ 

Last updated: 29 November 2023

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