December Private Health Fee Schedule

The December WorkCover (QLD only) and Bupa fee schedule is now available on the Zedmed website in the client login area under the December 2021 folder.

Please note note there is a new model introduced by Bupa and rates will be the same for all states.

  1. new ‘Known Gap’ rate – if a provider registers and participate in our Known Gap Scheme, the provider can charge up to $500 Known Gap per patient per episode of care; and
  2. higher ‘No Gap’ rate – if a provider registers and participate in our No Gap Scheme, the provider will accept the higher Scheme rate as full payment for the patient’s episode of care, and no out-of-pocket (gap) costs can be charged.

Please ensure you enter the correct date when applying the updates in Zedmed, which should be 01/12/2021.

A guide on how to update fees is available here.

Last updated: 30 November 2021

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