Halo Connect

Primary Care data integration made simple with Halo Connect

One agent, any integration

No more need to maintain a database agent for every integration – with Halo Link, just enable an integration, and you’re done.

Forget having to develop and maintain on-prem database connectors. Forget managing separate integrations for cloud and on-prem.

Leverage the power of SQL and FHIR to connect to thousands of Australian practices.

Zedmed Integrates with Halo Connect

This integration with Halo Connect is great for both our customers and our partners. Halo allows multiple integrations to connect to a practice server using one local agent, reducing the number of agents running on your server and the amount of IT support required to install and maintain PMS integrations. Integrators no longer need to develop, maintain, and support a local agent to connect to practice databases. Halo connects practices to their cloud, so integrators can query practice databases without ever touching the practice server.

Why utilise Zedmed’s integration with Halo Connect?

How do I get Halo Connect in my Practice?

Zedmed, Halo Connect and Cubiko will be running a Beta in early 2024 with some select Practices. It is anticipated that Halo Connect will be widely available to Practices and Partners in an upcoming release of Zedmed after the completion of the Beta. Partners will be notified of Halo Connect’s availability via Zedmed Partner Network email communications.

I am a member of the Zedmed Partner Network – How do I participate in Beta Testing?

Expressions of interest are welcomed by members of the Zedmed Partner Network. To participate in beta testing of Halo Connect APIs, please contact hello@haloconnect.io.

How do I control which integrators have access to my practice data?

Halo Connect relies on third-party solutions being enabled through configuration in Zedmed. Further information on how to enable third-party integrations can be found on the Zedmed Knowledge Base after completion of the Beta.

Are existing Partners required to use Halo Connect to access Zedmed data?

Existing Partners may continue to integrate with Zedmed software without using Halo Connect for a period of time. Partners will be required to use Halo Connect to access new features that will be developed and released over the next 12-24 months. These features will be communicated to Partners via Partner email communications. Partners may also subscribe to Halo Connect updates here.

I am a current Zedmed Partner, will I require a separate agreement to access Halo Connect?

Partners of the Zedmed Partner Network will be required to enter into an agreement with Halo Connect to use Halo Connect solutions.

If my Practice has poor internet speeds will there be issues using Halo Connect?

Halo Connect does require an active internet connection to install and to retrieve and execute queries. Slow internet connections, particularly slow upload speeds, can impact a third-party integrator’s ability to execute large queries. However, we have made improvements over the past 12 months to our queuing to better support Practices with particularly slow internet.