Features to meet every one of your practice’s needs

Zedmed features are available on-premise and in the cloud.

Clinical features


Manage all scripts through Zedmed’s in-built electronic solution.

This platform is fully compliant with Government regulations and stores and sends digital data from a safe, secure virtual ecosystem.

This platform is fully compliant with Government regulations and stores and sends digital data from a safe, secure virtual ecosystem.

Level up your standard of patient care with rapid dispensation of medicines using MediSecure software.


Zedmed’s Batch-Letter-Writer allows for quick and convenient reply letters to GP’s.

Results inbox & management

Electronically receive pathology and radiology results.

Manage and personalise actions, including remote functionalities through Zedmed’s Doctor’s App.

Drawing on images & graphics

Create and import patient images to draw on and save to the patient’s history.

Clinical records

Comprehensive enhanced recording of clinical encounters.

Supported by modules for prescriptions, observations, referrals and immunisations, Document notes and chart at the point of patient intervention, Smart letter and referral writing from a click of a button including integration with secure messaging providers.


History Notes are laid out in chronological order to view and track patient events.

Document delivery

Go paperless and take your practice to the next level in technology and convenience.

Manage documents – including letters, referrals and invoices – all from Zedmed’s central dashboard; send important attachments to patients’ email inboxes or phone.

Plus, with secure SMS and email delivery, complete with password protection, patient communication through Zedmed is risk-free.

Clinical calculators

Use Clinical Calculators to help diagnose a patient’s anxiety and stress, mental status or GFR (kidney health).

Measures & observations

Easily record observations and measures in the patient’s history.

Zedmed’s unique graph feature also provides a detailed view of highlighted areas for a selected period.

Patient records

Enjoy a 360-view of patient records with comprehensive documentation capabilities and easy management features – bulk-import crucial documents and information to streamline health correspondence across the board.

Dictaphone integration

Doctors who utilise Dragon voice recording mobile apps which integrates with Zedmed can update Patient records with voice conversion allowing transferring into patient records directly.

Savings busy practitioners and clinical support staff time not having to transcribe recordings

Immunisations module

Record immunisations and transmit them to AIR.

Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module and lets you quickly view a patient’s history.

Surgical procedure module

Automate the setup of surgical procedures and easily record the details and requirements for surgery.

Examination templates

Examination Templates provide a quick method of entering patient examination details into an encounters notes.

There are templates for 14 different clinical examinations and you can also create your own.

Pregnancy module

Record, update and close off a pregnancy.

You can also run Antenatal and Summary reports and view all clinical notes recorded for a pregnancy in Summary Views.


ECG and Stress Tests are easily viewed and displayed in the Zedmed patient record.

Zedmed is compatible with Warner & Webster and Welch-Allen.

Drugs Module

Use the Drugs module to write a regular patient script, one-off drug or a new recipe drug.

MIMS is fully integrated into Zedmed and updated monthly.

The drugs module also allows for reprints, calcellations and has a summary view to review a patient’s past and current prescriptions.

Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module and allows you to quickly view a patient’s clinical history.

Diagrams module

Use a diagram to record clinical information using an anatomical diagram.

There are 4 types of diagrams available: Organs, External, Muscular and Skeletal.

There is also a User-Defined diagram that can be used to draw freely.

Chronic disease management

Check a patient’s eligibility for a chronic disease management plan and use a template to initiate that plan.

Eligibility may be determined by age, ATSI status, and by adding a diagnosis to the Problems module.

Allergies module

Record an allergy, record no known allergies, remove allergies or view summaries of a patient’s allergies

Problems module

Use the Problems module to record an encounter’s diagnosis using the ICPC list. ICPC is an International Classification method for Primary Care encounters.

Add existing/recent problems, add problem using free text.

You can use summary Views to resolve a patient’s current problems and review past and present problems.

Referrals module

Use the Referrals module to write a patient referral to a specialist. The referral can be sent electronically or printed out for the patient.

Write a CDA/Specialist letter, pathology referral or write a radiology referral.

Referrals can be sent via HealthLink SmartForms.

You also can see a summary of previous referrals for each patient.

Observations module

This module assists in the recording of physical measurements, INR measurements, pathology results and respiratory functions.

Use the Measurements tab in Summary Views to view all of the observations and results entered for a patient. Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module.

Scanning module

Attach written notes to a patient’s file with our full-featured scanning module.


Zedmed can send referrals and documents using HealthLink SmartForms, and prepopulate those forms with patient and referrer information.

Office features


The Zedmed two-way SMS platform lets you take control of your supply chain process with cost-effective communications.

Featuring local, on-shore management of your message data and a VIP hotline to address recharging, there’s plenty to love about this Australian-based solution.

Doctor’s App

Manage your results and track your diary natively in the Doctor’s App, with complete flexibility over how you communicate with patients.

Add your own branding or keep it as is, with deep, rich functionality streamlining your operations from start to finish.

Finally, provide your patients with transparent notifications and alerts on real-time results, on any device, from anywhere.

Customised reporting

Know how your business is running from every possible angle with transparent reports and intuitive insights.

Get a 360-degree view of your operations, including outputs, inputs, financials and practice health.

With Zedmed’s custom-tailored reporting features, you know precisely how your financials are tracking, giving your patients better outcomes and care.


Eliminate headaches for your patients with an integrated billing solution that ties Zedmed into payment providers.

Complete faster transactions and rebates processing – including eCommerce orders – that streamlines ECLIPSE claims for specialists.

With simple online lodging and claims via Medicare and DVA, Zedmed’s billing suite is a breath of fresh air for practitioners across Australia.

Patient payments

Zedmed’s central eCommerce platform makes patient payments simple.

Tokenise patient credit card details for convenient transactions or integrate into telehealth and online appointments for end-to-end capabilities.

Finally, add your practice’s brand with our white-labelling functionality.

Reminders & notifications

Send patients real-time alerts from custom templates and recall types created on the Zedmed dashboard.

Integrating with multiple SMS providers, this feature provides transparency to patients and effective communication for complete peace of mind.

Online appointments

Create custom appointment types and provider groups throughout multiple sites.

Schedule appointments and integrate your workflow with major online booking services, complete with daily, weekly and monthly views on the one screen.

Plus, with quick-fill and waiting list functionalities, you can easily improve patient care and practice performance.

SMS recall reminders

Generate a recall reminder report for follow up of regular skin checks and a service report for texting patient reminders.

Claiming with Tyro

Fully integrated TYRO eft payment processing for both MBS bulk-billed telehealth claims and gap fee payments.

Directly records all your EFTPOS private and medicare customer billings and claim processing all within the patient records and billing reporting and reconciling

Secure send

Secure Send uses email or ZedSMS to send invoices, referrals (including radiology and pathology) and documents to a patient or NOK Account Payer using a link to a secure download page.

For common patient questions, see the Secure Send FAQ for patients.

Waiting room

Use the Waiting Room to manage patients as they attend the practice and ensure they are billed correctly.

You can also quick attend walk-ins and doctors can hide patients they have seen.

Eclipse integrated

ECLIPSE is used to submit inpatient health fund claims.

My Health Record integrated

Zedmed’s many features tie into Australia’s My Health Record system for on-demand patient information and history recall when it matters most.

Clinical address book

The practice’s clinical Address Book is used to capture contact information for referring doctors, other practitioners, pathology and radiology clinics and hospitals.

The Address Book is accessed whenever the user needs to write letters or referrals.

It can include the contact’s HPI-I so transmitted letters are uploaded to MyHealth record and the secure messaging service used by the contact.

Multiple appointment types

Create appointments with a specific duration and assign the doctors that be booked for this Appointment Type via phone and via Online Appointments.