Zedmed’s all-in-one features are set to impress

Run your entire practice from our single all-of-practice software, including all management, clinical and administrative duties.

Zedmed’s all-inclusive features give you an uncompromised healthcare software solution.

Owned and run by leading Australian doctors, Zedmed is a comprehensive, cutting-edge software solution designed to simplify the operations of GPs, specialists and Allied Health providers across the country.

All features


Eliminate headaches for your patients with an integrated billing solution that ties Zedmed into payment providers. Complete faster transactions and rebates processing – including eCommerce orders – that streamlines ECLIPSE claims for specialists. With simple online lodging and claims via Medicare and DVA, Zedmed’s billing suite is a breath of fresh air for practitioners across Australia.

Stock management

Manage your vaccine and consumables inventory and any other product directly from the Zedmed platform. Easily invoice patients for products for simple integration with your billing workflow.

Patient Payments

Zedmed’s central eCommerce platform makes patient payments simple. Tokenise patient credit card details for convenient transactions or integrate into telehealth and online appointments for end-to-end capabilities. Finally, add your practice’s brand with our white-labelling functionality.

Interactive How-To Guides

Whether you are new to Zedmed, or a seasoned user, our extensive how-to guides cover all the clinical, office and billing questions in easy and informative guides. Throughout the knowledge base you’ll also find our most common questions and key touch points through the patient journey.

Customised Reporting

Know how your business is running from every possible angle with transparent reports and intuitive insights. Get a 360-degree view of your operations, including outputs, inputs, financials and practice health. With Zedmed’s custom-tailored reporting features, you know precisely how your financials are tracking, giving your patients better outcomes and care.

Reminders and Notifications

Send patients real-time alerts from custom templates and recall types created on the Zedmed dashboard. Integrating with multiple SMS providers, this feature provides transparency to patients and effective communication for complete peace of mind.

Patient Records

Enjoy a 360-view of patient records with comprehensive documentation capabilities and easy management features – bulk-import crucial documents and information to streamline health correspondence across the board.

Patient Attendance

Implement instant communication between your practice’s doctors and reception staff. Experience a highly intuitive virtual waiting room that shows an instant overview of current patient attendees at a glance.

Appointment Booking

Create custom appointment types and provider groups throughout multiple sites. Schedule appointments and integrate your workflow with major online booking services, complete with daily, weekly and monthly views on the one screen. Plus, with quick-fill and waiting list functionalities, you can easily improve patient care and practice performance.

Observations and Measures

Easily record observations and measures in the patient’s history. Zedmed’s unique graph feature also provides a detailed view of highlighted areas for a selected period.

Drawing on Images and Graphics

Create and import patient images to draw on and save to the patient’s history.

ECG’s and Stress Tests

ECG and Stress Tests are easily viewed and displayed in the Zedmed patient record. Zedmed is compatible with Warner & Webster and Welch-Allen.

Notes queuing from Orthoptist

Easily view the Orthoptist’s notes in the patient history file.

Integration to FORUM

Zedmed’s waiting room list integrates with ZEISS FORUM to produce a patient worklist. No need to manually enter patient demographics into FORUM, the integration process updates patient demographics to FORUM’s database.

Camera Capture

Directly capture eye images from devices and attach them to the patient record.

Recall Reminders

Generate a recall reminder report for follow up of regular skin checks and a service report for texting patient reminders.

Scanning Module

Attach written notes to a patient’s file with our full-featured scanning module.

History Notes

History Notes are laid out in chronological order to view and track patient events.

Customised Drug Prescribing List

Create a customised drug prescribing list with user favourites simple prescribing.


Zedmed’s Batch-Letter-Writer allows for quick and convenient reply letters to GP’s.

Integrated Claiming TYRO

Fully integrated TYRO eft payment processing for both MBS bulk-billed telehealth claims and gap fee payments.

Directly records all your EFTPOS private and medicare customer billings and claim processing all within the patient records and billing reporting and reconciling

Dictaphone recording integration

Doctors who utiise Dragon voice recording mobile apps which integrates with Zedmed can update Patient records with voice convertion allowing transferring into patient records directly. Savings busy practitioners and clinical support staff time not having to transcribe recordings