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Zedmed Cloud

Access Zedmed anywhere, anytime.

Built on a per-user subscription, Zedmed Cloud is a Zedmed as a Service (ZaaS) solution that caters to your entire practice. With servers hosted in a secure cloud ecosystem, you can access all of Zedmed anywhere, at any time. with none of the compromises that other SaaS products bring.


Zedmed Cloud

Seamless migration from most other platforms

Access Zedmed anywhere, anytime

Eliminate expensive IT costs

Enhanced security and data protection

Zedmed Cloud delivers the same feature rich software you need, backed by the added convenience of a cloud based database. Give your patients the best level of healthcare possible, with the flexibility of a secure environment managed by Zedmed.


Power, speed and functionality of the Zedmed application without the need for hosting on-premise

Flexibility to access the product anytime, anywhere and work remotely via an internet connection

Remove expensive IT infrastructure and costs

Eliminate the time and cost of IT staff or external contractors to repair and troubleshoot server issues

No risk of potential theft or damage to the server

No environmental dangers that could cause damage to the hardware

Easy transition and ability to convert practice data from most major competitors


Data is hosted and secured within ISO27001 data centres

All product updates, backups, disaster recovery and general maintenance is performed by Zedmed, including MIMS and ICPC updates

Cloud hosting provides enhanced security and data protection

Zedmed Cloud – customer journey

Zedmed Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that delivers the efficiencies and savings of cloud technology to our customers. The expense and expertise needed to maintain your server become Zedmed’s responsibility, allowing your practice to focus on healthcare delivery.

What is Zedmed Cloud?

In the On-Premise model, workstations access a local server where your database is stored. With cloud delivery, your database resides in the cloud inside its own secure container. Your workstations access the database using practice-specific web services that also run in the cloud. For this reason, when describing cloud delivery, we talk about your database rather than your server.
Cloud technology uses secure facilities with layers of redundancy so that no single failure can cause interruptions or risk your data. Zedmed has partnered with Servers Australia who operate ISO 27001 certified data centres in Australia, within Australia’s legal framework. They provide the cloud hosting that Zedmed databases run on, and Zedmed itself manages those databases

Migrating to Zedmed Cloud

If you currently run Zedmed on your own local server, moving to Zedmed Cloud is simple and seamless. Preparations are performed by Zedmed with no interruption to your operations, and the switchover happens at an agreed time and, for most practices, takes less than an hour. If you have a non-Zedmed environment, we’ll migrate you to Zedmed Cloud as part of our full-service solution.
After the switchover, your staff and doctors can continue working as normal. They will not see any difference in the software or its functionality, and no training is required.

  • There is no loss of functionality
  • There is nothing new to learn
  • The switchover can take less than an hour.

The Zedmed Cloud difference

Zedmed Cloud is a very different model from competitors web based solutions that are limited to a browsers capabilities in speed and functionality. Zedmed Cloud uses the same front end interface practices as Zedmed On-Premise, with the back-end handled by Cloud Hosting saving you IT management time & costs.



You don’t have to pay for staff or a third parties to maintain your server.

You don’t have to purchase or upgrade your server or server software.

Cloud storage is scalable, and you will never need to pay for additional capacity.



You don’t have to update fees files, MIMs or maintain third-party integrations.

You don’t have to manage or store your own backups.

Your data has better physical and environmental protection than any practice can provide.



Cloud technology provides a reliable, fast and very secure connection to your database.

Cloud’s layered security provides superior protection against viruses and ransomware.

Cloud backups are industry best-practice and use specialised storage and replicated snapshots.



You can access Zedmed Cloud from any location across the internet.

If you don’t have a Zedmed client, one can be quickly deployed to any Windows computer.

Provides a solution for critical situations where a staff member or doctor is not on site.

How Zedmed Cloud works

We’ve looked at Zedmed’s On-Premise and Cloud delivery options and explained the advantages of Zedmed Cloud. Now we’ll look at what Zedmed Cloud delivers and how.

Diagram explaining how Zedmed cloud functions

Enjoy Zedmed Cloud

Zedmed Cloud delivers the same feature rich software you need, with the flexibility of a secure cloud based database environment managed by Zedmed.

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