Zedmed – an integrated, all-in-one practice software solution.

Amplify the standard of patient care with Zedmed’s feature-rich functionality. Run your entire practice from start to finish, all from one central app.

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Providing you a complete customer journey – from booking to billing.

Endless features to enhance the patient care you deliver.

Use Zedmed’s all-in-one software straight out of the box or take advantage of Zedmed Options to create a powerful, integrated and personalised platform.


When you sign up to Zedmed, you get access to all these amazing features:


Our most popular features

We consider these features the essentials of an outstanding practice experience. Streamline your practice with impressive organisation, integrated patient communication and a vast array of powerful tools all included in Zedmed’s all-in-one platform. That’s smart software.

Enjoy a fully integrated application that lets you efficiently manage your bookings and appointments. Backed with an agile, mobile app, you can control appointment scheduling communications and personalise it with your own branding, images and colours. Combined with our integrated telehealth solution (launching soon), delivering impressive patient care has never been easier.


The essentials

Our comprehensive software is tailored to change your patient relationships for the better. From our fully integrated online appointment booking system, customisable scheduling options, telehealth solutions, SMS communications and stock management, you can take your practice to the next level with a digital solution that takes care of your total end-to-end practice needs.

Lady with glasses booking an appointment using her laptop from the comfort of her own home

Appointment booking

tablet, notepad of clinical records and stethoscope on table in general practice surgery

Clinical records

stethoscope and medical bill on wooden table


With Zedmed, practitioners can simplify the patient-scheduling process through custom appointment types and accessible interfaces for daily, weekly and monthly views. Zedmed also features in-built clinical reminders, electronic prescribing features and real-time patient records, making us the the most advanced practice management software on the market.


Regulatory requirements

ZedMed is designed to be fully government compliant and compatible with all major digital healthcare channels

Green Medicare card in front of calculator

Medicare Web Services

Person reading active ingredients on the package of medicine

Active Ingredient Prescribing

My Health Record user interface on ipad

My Health Record

With e-prescribing enhancements remaining in line with ASL support, IHI verification, SNOMED coding and two-factor authentication, practitioners can trust Zedmed to get the job done – risk-free.

Zedmed is also host to huge collection of best-of-breed partner integrations

Zedmed your way – Choose from Cloud or On-Premise


The choice is yours.
The same amazing software is now available via Cloud or On-Premise

With subscription options based on each user, you can take advantage of Zedmed as a Service (SaaS) for your entire practice. With your own server secured in our cloud database, your account is entirely maintained by the team at Zedmed.

Just like our Cloud solution, Zedmed On-Premise boasts all the same amazing features from Zedmed, but locally installed in your Practice infrastructure and managed by you.

Pricing starts from $99 per month

Zedmed’s full featured all-in-one practice software offers incredible value.
With access to all our features, we offer flexible pricing options designed to suit your practice.